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Friday, September 5, 2008

GreenWatch Newsletter 8 (September 5, 2008)

Featured Story:

What does John McCain's selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin mean for his energy policy going forward? If Governor Palin's record is any indication, it means and drill drill drill for oil and natural gas, onshore, offshore, and in ANWR (Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge). For more detail, take a look at this clip on Youtube of Palin describing America's energy policy.

In January, Palin published an Op-Ed in the New York Times advocating against adding polar bears to the Endangered Species list due to the speculative effects of Global Warming.

Governor Palin is clearly a woman with a deep understanding of the energy issue and a terrific command of the facts. She notably differs with Senator McCain when it comes to drilling in ANWR Can she convince McCain to abandon his economically disastrous cap and trade policy?

We shall see.

This Week's Headlines:

Environmental Group Blames Global Cooling on Global Warm...Sorry, on Climate Change

North Pole an Island for First Time in History...but it still has 480,000km more ice than last year.

Kayaker Paddling to North Pole to Increase Global Warming Awareness Gets Stuck in the Ice

The Problem With Pickens

Unusual Snow in New Zealand

Most Egregious Claim of the Week:

DailyTech reported earlier this week that the month of August was the first month since 1913 where no detectable sunspots were recorded. This is significant because climatologists now believe that solar magnetic activity, which causes sunspots, is an influencing factor in the earth's climate, and the recent decrease in solar activity would explain why global temperatures have decreased over the last eight years, in defiance of every projection touted by the radical green movement.

Apparently it was too significant. At the end of the month, the SIDC (Solar Influences Data analysis Center) decided to count two tiny solar specks that occurred on the 21st and 22nd of August; both were initially deemed too small to count. Why this retroactive change? The truth is that we don't know, but the connection between solar activity and global temperature pokes a giant hole in the theory of man-made global warming - a theory so important to those radical, agenda-driven Green types who want to stifle our economy to ineffectively combat an unproven, hypothetical boogieman.

Having said that, the truth is that the purpose of this newsletter is not to tell you what to believe: Our goal, to the contrary, is to simply present the facts on this important issue and leave the conclusions to you. So tell us, good reader, was the recent period of warming caused by an especially active sun that has since gone through an extended period of inactivity leading to almost uniformly reducing temperatures around the world...or are fat people causing global warming?

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