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Saturday, July 5, 2008

GreenWatch Newsletter 1 (July 5, 2008)

The glaciers are breaking up!

No not THOSE glaciers, they are doing fine. In fact, in California they're growing:

(CBC News)

No, I mean the glacier of conventional wisdom on global warming/climate change is, if not actually breaking up, then at least severely endangered by the accelerating accumulation of contrary evidence.

Featured Story:

One of the central conceits of the Radical Eco-Movement is that climate change - any climate change - equals bad and status quo equals ideal. Oddly enough, this position was rarely voiced when humanity was engrossed in an ice age. No, the global warming promoters would have you believe that this current environment is the absolute ideal one, not only for humans but for all forms of life. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us), these positions are often not consistent with elementary school science. For instance, you might remember learning
way, way back in second grade or so that more carbon dioxide, rather than being a vicious pollutant, is actually good for green and growing things. Well, it seems some scientists in Germany just remembered that:

German Scientists Believe High Levels of CO2 May Be Good For Plants

Stunning, I know! For more information on the potential benefits to the earth of a warmer climate and more CO2, you can read "In Praise of CO2" by Lawrence Solomon of the National

Post and author of The Deniers.

More Headlines:

NY Times: Greenland's Ice Sheet May Not Be Melting Afterall
(Andrew C. Revkin, New York Times)

Hypothesis: Global Warming = Mass Neurosis?
(Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal)

Confirmed: Australian Psychiatrists Identify First Case of "Climate Change Delusion"
(Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, Australia)

Most Egregious Claim of the Week:

Laurie David, writing for the Huffington Post, claims that the recent sighting of two polar bears on Iceland is an extremely rare occurence. Citing the expertise of her flyfishing guide, she attributes the migration to global warming. Via Planet Gore and, of all things, Seaworld, we learn that this is false: Polar bears have been seen in Iceland during heavy ice years (See line 3, b in the Seaworld link). In fact, Icelandic farmers know to shoot a Polar Bear on sight, or else suffer decimation of their livestock.

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