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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GreenWatch Newsletter 2 (July 15, 2008)

If you've been paying even cursory attention to the Global Warming issue this year, you've probably heard some activists claim that this might be the summer where the polar ice caps completely disappear (for example, check out this story from the Sydney Morning Herald, or this one from AFP). With all this 'doom speak,' we thought you might want to take a look at the state of the North Pole as of Saturday, July 12, and judge for yourself:

Arctic Ice Looking Pretty Solid

From the same site, we find this graph, which shows that there is, in fact, more ice covering the Arctic Circle this year than there was last year.

This is only one of many recent examples of global warming activists making bold, frightening claims about the repercussions of global climate change, with little or no accountability to science or fact. For an exhaustive list of the possible changes some have attributed to global

warming, click here. Just yesterday, Texas University researchers added another to the list:

Global Warming May Increase Kidney Stones

Time Magazine called this "some of the most compelling science to date linking climate change with adverse public-health effects." Unfortunately, Time Magazine has not noted the real life consequences anti-global warming legislation has had, particularly on the world's poor.

In England they've been ahead of the curve in enacting this kind of legislation, and subsequently way ahead in observing some of the disastrous effects of it:

Global Warming Laws Hit the Poor Hardest
(Janet Daley, The Telegraph)

Why do we so rarely hear about these real life ramifications, when we are so frequently inundated with the purely hypothetical projections that are so often disproven by science? And why do we so rarely hear about it when they are disproven?

More Headlines:

Global Warming Out, Global Cooling In
(Texas News Analyst)

Global Warming, Hurricane Link Contested By Same Scientist Who Promoted It
(Curtis Krueger, St. Petersburg Times)

Global Warming: Old News?


Most Egregious Claim of the Week

We here at GreenWatch do not dismiss the possibility of man-made global climate change as just that; a possibility. It seems to us that science has revealed many many more possibilities as the cause of some of this warming, as well as the possibility that the earth really isn't warming abnormally at all. We believe this topic deserves a fair and honest debate on the scientific merits. Instead, we get a United States Congressman telling a group of high school students that Global Warming caused everything from a 1993 conflict in Somalia to Hurricane Katrina:

Congressman: Global Warming Caused Black Hawk Down, Crisis in Darfur, Hurricane Katrina
(Josiah Ryan, CNS News)

It is our goal at GreenWatch to counter the hyperbole of Mr. Markey and activists like him by offering facts and candid analysis. We hope, if you like what we do, that you'll take the time to tell your friends about us. They can sign up to receive the newsletter here.

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